Sunday, January 12, 2020

96. Passion. That old chestnut

Passion. Such an overused word. Yet, the most successful people in any field bring passion to their work. Or, if they don't have passion, they fake it pretty darned well.

After years of doing a similar thing, providing more of a service than a vision, my passion is more on the dispassionate side. The solution? For now, missing and filling my brain with ideas, images, other people's stories. At some point, I may need to say "no" to projects where I'm, well, an adjunct (see previous post) as opposed to an additive.

* * *

In her Master Class, Anna Wintour discusses leading with confidence and having a big idea. She also discusses . . . you guessed it . . . passion. The Master Class is very self-help book like, with the video as the driving force and the "Workbook" a well-designed PDF. It's elegant cheerleading, with a bit of backstory and three beautiful strands of shiny baubles around Anna Wintour's elegant neck. (Although she doesn't wear her sunglasses for the Master Class "lessons," she doesn't really look straight into the camera—and therefore into the eyes of the viewers, her pupils. Nonetheless, I'm mesmerized.)

Originally slated for October 16; posted January 12, 2020)

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