Monday, January 27, 2020

97. How worry doesn't work

It's amusingly predictable that when I can't sleep—because of many things to do in not enough time, ESPECIALLY planning for a class I've never taught—and want to get up and start in early, I end up starting even later than normal. Couldn't sleep. Then at 6:30am Pat got a call from work saying he was supposed to start his shift at 5am, which meant he jumped into his clothes so I could drive him to the station to get the next train to Manhattan. I walked to the station and got into Grand Central early enough but then missed my subway stop, thanks to a compelling article about the artist Ed Ruscha, whom I deeply admire. Now, checking email, I see many competing requests for quick turnarounds on projects my sister would call executional. What an irony that I'll be teaching a class that requires students to conceive of their own projects when I, the guide, am a drone. To fix!

Originally slated for October 17, 2019; posted January 27, 2020

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