Thursday, October 3, 2019

75. Baking as Remembrance

My friend of many MANY decades, like us, was poised to mark a big birthday. His wife, my friend of many MANY decades planned a surprise party. Among other comestible contributions, I baked a chocolate cake. It wasn't just any chocolate cake. I made it from the recipe of Debbie, a mutual friend (met through the birthday boy), who fought and eventually was overcome by cancer.

A woman who ate and cooked healthfully, Debbie baked this cake with beets and other healthy ingredients. I followed the recipe (the beets took forever to cook . . . FOR EV ER . . . but eschewed the bundt pan and beet frosting. Instead, I made a rich chocolate naughty icing with squares of semi-sweet frosting. I also spread blueberry preserves on each layer before frosting. It was fabulous—a tribute to a lovely, strong, talented woman and a celebration of a man with a gift for friendship.

(For September 23, 1019; posted October 3)

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