Thursday, October 3, 2019

74. Bushwick to Bushwick

 My former "mentee" Arielle, her mother, her boyfriend, her grandmother, and her grandfather (sort of) are like family at this point. Althought Arielle graduated from high school in 2010, and RISD in 2014, we're still in touch. So, it made sense that she'd ask if I could help move stuff from one apartment in Bushwick to another. Our small car was out of the question, and I chickened out on driving a rented cargo van, especially because I have experience with only tiny cars and also have questionable depth perception.

So, I took the subway to their apartment, rode with Arielle, her boyfriend and her mother/my friend Deborah to the new apartment, and helped clean. Even with MS, Deborah was efficient. One of the most striking parts of the day was how kindly and calmly Arielle, Dan, and Deborah organized the move and the home for the three of them and Arielle's grandparents. Their attitudes were masterpieces of sane problem-solving. They were exhausted by their labors throughout the packed week (full of packing).

Although the apartment is a few stops farther away from Manhattan and their jobs, they're happy to be near the Bushwick Aberdeen station. Note those condensed letterforms made out of tiles, used on the subway columns!

(For September 22, 2019; posted October 3)

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