Monday, February 10, 2020

100. Reaching 100

This is the 100th post of my self-imposed "100 Days of Leaving my Comfort Zone." Perhaps, more accurately, it's "100 Daze of Discomfort." Did I push myself enough? No. What did I do that really got me out of my comfort zone? Probably, the most discomfort I felt was donating an article of clothing my late mother gave to me. I'm superstitious enough to feel uncomfortable about jettisoning or giving away items that were gifts; it seems like bad juju. But maybe that's the crux of my discomfort. Letting go. Eliminating old stuff, old ideas, old lacks of confidence. Maybe my next 100 will have something that not only I but others can learn from (and have sentences that don't end awkwardly!).

Here's to the new year, new decade.

Originally slated for October 19, 2019. Posted February 10, 2020

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