Sunday, November 10, 2019

86. Following through on a dream. A business that gives joy (from Joy)

It's a cliché to tell students—or anyone—to follow their passions. To someone who's comfortable being second, or taking the back seat, or deferring to stronger forces (mother, upbringing, beliefs no longer held), defining that passion is more of a challenge than pursuing the passion. (Of course, one could argue that passion presents itself).

My friend Joy—a poet, singer, former band member of Crass back in the day, writer, cook, ARTIST, all-around lovely person, was self-effacing despite her incredible skill and talent. She worked in a bookstore for years while working as an artist, occasionally exhibiting. She talked about starting a card business—something she knew a little about because the bookstore where she worked sold cards. One year, she did it (helped, possibly, by a small inheritance from an aunt whom she helped)—propelled by her long-time goal and many skills.

The business is a few years old. The cards, very English, are so charming. The best (to me), are the ones by Joy. The best-sellers, according to Joy (who notes this with pride but not a huge ego), are the ones she's drawn or painted. The cards, printed on high-quality stock, are sold only in England, so every time we travel to London and visit with Joy and her partner, Pip, I buy a bunch (but never enough). Hurray for knowing and following through on passion. Hurray for Una Joy (her nom d'arte).

(Ideally, originally, for October 5, 2019; posted on November 10)

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