Tuesday, November 5, 2019

84. Election Day

This post is more about planning than about design.

In "doing my homework"—i.e. reading the Voter Guide, Your Nonpartisan guide to City Elections Since 1989, I read all of the material printed in English.

One of the candidates for Publicate Advocate, Joseph Borell, stated his top three issues as "Stopping the deBlasio agenda" x 3. Ok. I can see that. DeBlasio has underperformed (understatement?). But Borell also included a troubling statement:

"Imagine how much money was wasted in sending this booklet to every registered voter in a city of 8.5 million people . . .
It's but one example of how little those in City Hall actually value the taxpayers like you who are left footing the bill.
Who speaks for your family?

I disagree. Communication is key. The booklet was helpful, listed a lot of crucial information—especially about the 5 Ballot Proposals. The Ballot Proposals at a Glance contained a heckkuvvalottof information, but the summaries and explanations are helpful. It's a lot to read and understand.

It did occur to me that for non-readers, the booklet may be too dense. So, the question to me is how to make all that information more digestible for those who aren't so OCD as to read everything?

Maybe it IS a design problem after all.

(Should have posted October 3, 2019; posted on November 5)

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