Monday, September 16, 2019

66. Practicing the Art of Conversation

Pursuing the art of conversation after the ceremony at the gorgeous wedding of friends, I complimented a woman on her fabulous raspberry-colored (?—or at least a glorious and bright color) dress. The mid-length dress had a boat neck (I think) and a capelet and was quite dramatic, especially with the woman's bright white hair.

Possibly because the woman is a certain age (older than I, which makes the age very certain indeed) and possibly because she's married to a retired publisher who still edits books, she went beyond "thank you" and added that the dress has a story. She bought the dress for her son's wedding. Then, I believe, she wore it for her other son's wedding. But, the petite and beautiful woman with a smile as bright as her hair added, she didn't wear the dress for her son's second wedding.

She also wore the dress to the opening of the musical Ragtime, where the majorly-celebrated production, scenic and costume designer Santo Loquasto told her she was wearing a great dress. She sure did have a story.

(For September 14, 2019; posted September 16)

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