Monday, August 5, 2019

25. Nymphs and Macros

Strange combo, yes? While Pat and I were out enjoying our late-night garden tour in Tarrytown, I had a look at one of the last alliums near the front of our house. I love the fire-work-y look of alliums, and love how they dry. This particular allium had an appendage, which I could sort of discern even in the dark (first photo). The appendage, a bug, looked like a cicada to me, but I wasn't sure. In the daylight, it certainly looked like the shell of a cicada nymph.*

I brought the allium, with its appendage, into the house to get a better shot. Too lazy to see if I had film in my old-school Nikon, I used the iPhone, with so-so results. Speaking of so-so results, when I tired to use the iPhone lenses my niece Jackie gave me for Christmas, I couldn't get a good shot. But, trying again, I used the macro and sure enough, I got up close and personal with the nymph. The images are ugly-beautiful. Laziness led to a decent shot and confidence enough to use the lense attachments for the iPhone. The question is, if I send proof of success to my niece, will she be impressed or grossed out?

*Note to self, check when the 17-year cycle is supposed to occur; I don't think it was this year.

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