Saturday, August 3, 2019

23. Movers and Makers

Makers. Makerverse. Makerversity.

It's a bit of an irony that as designers move farther and farther away from being "just a pair of hands" and focus on writing, design thinking, strategy, and helping companies to build brands, they/we move closer to making things. "Maker" has become a buzzword.

A further irony for me is that, as a designer, I feel opposite tugs: work in the office seems to be more executional than desired while simultaneously, I spend a lot of time writing and not filing emails and rarely make anything with my hands and heart.

So, for the August 2nd (big) birthday of a very talented friend who is constantly drawing, painting, cooking, building ceramics, photographing and training her puppies, I devised a series of images that nod to her talents. I sent seven emails in all. The three below show her initials in paintbrushes, pencils and Play-Doh (TM)—the latter to signify her ceramics.

In the Makerverse, it's a small start as opposed to a Big Bang, but it's a start.

(For August 2, 2019)

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