Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Roosevelts all around

How ironic that you went to visit Frank...just a few weeks ago I went on a tour of Teddy's boyhood home on East 20th Street (yes, I had some time to kill and 3 bucks!). You would kill for such real estate today: two adjoining brownstone townhomes!

Inspired by the "president" books we designed for Sperling, I took special note of all the little artifacts they had displayed, like these campaign ribbons:

Also funny was Colonel Roosevelt's "last pencil" on his expedition down the "River of Doubt" (1914). It's unclear whether this was the last pencil he had on the expedition, or the last pencil he used to write the book. I'm guessing it's the former, but the envelope totally makes the display:

Of course no exhibit about TR would be complete without some taxidermy animals. It's weird to be looking at a lion who's been dead over 100 years.

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