Friday, October 23, 2009

Wild Things

How funny that we're keeping the Roosevelt history in the family, so to speak. I love the name of "The River of Doubt," which applies to the economy and the Healthcare debate—or any kind of neurosis you want. The last pencil puts me in mind of the failed assassination attempt on TR (noted in one of the campaign books we worked on, but I can't find it in the well-written and info-and-image rich Hats in the Ring by Evan Cornog and the late Richard Whelan, so the links to other historical sources will simply have to do). A manuscript stopped the bullet; Roosevelt gave the speech, using the bloody script. Talk about passionate and visceral editing.

Teddy's taxidermied creature looks pretty good.

Speaking of creatures, I can't wait to see Spike Jonze's movie of Maurice Sendak's "Where the Wild Things Are." The movie site has a brilliant way to count the download time, which is a good thing because it takes a while to load. I was thrilled to see/hear the trailer and to recognize the music of Arcade Fire, which I know about thanks to you. In the absence of a shot of the movie posters, here are some wild things filtered through Barney's.

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