Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Museum Version of Found Type?

The Tate Modern encourages visitors to write and draw postcards about their experiences at the museum. Below are murky versions of two of my favorites.

Supacoy and Sunnybunny:
Supacoy: Hey Bunny. I can't understand art.
Sunnybunny: It's easy . . . . Art is life. If you understand art you know how life works . . .
Supacoy and Sunnybunny's card affords a partial view of the poster for the Futurism exhibit. Did you know that Futurism is 100 years old? (Or, in the words of Marlene Dietrich's character in the movie "Touch of Evil," its "future is all washed up").

Apologies for lack of credits . . .

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