Thursday, September 5, 2019

56. It's a Wrap. Or, Spiderman, The Home Movie

To the great amusement of our neighbors, Mr. Patrick (aka Pat) and I take garden tours of our .12 acre  often in the dark (and, yes, often with our libations in hand). As we were touring on Tuesday, we looked to see if a spider whose web I thought I'd destroyed while pruning was still in residence (for lack of a better word). The spider must have rebuilt the web, because there it was, smack dab in the middle of its gorgeous spun creation. We were admiring the web and the spider's coloration when a moth flew right into the spider's lair, to be quickly dispatched by our arachnid friend. I shot a video of most of the spider's quick work of wrapping the moth.

A bit later, shallow research revealed that spiders produce a sticky substance containing pheromones, which attract moths. This post by Nala Rogers on "Inside Science" gives some further background.

I'm tickled that when we showed the video to my brother, who stopped for dinner and the night on his way South to Pennsylvania, he thought it was really cool—as opposed to thinking we were being gross and nuts.

(For September 4, 2019; posted September 5)

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