Sunday, August 18, 2019

39. Cones of Silence

By doing this exercise—making myself DO something every day—I'm breaking an internal cone of silence (even though, with posts few people see, the metaphorical sound is still off). The last six pages preceding the article in the National Geographic from my birth month and year seem so  . . . well . . . dated.

As a designer who saw overproduced promotions—especially in the 1980s—for paper companies, I find startling the understated black and white ad showing a stage of making Champion Paper (second photo down). The visual style of the third ad—for the Cones of Silence—makes me think of Fritz Lang. The ad about allergies, produced by Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, shows part of the building that still anchors Madison Square Park, now filled with art installations and a Shake Shack (both very good things.

(For August 18, 2019)

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