Thursday, August 1, 2019

21. Birds and binding

Now that hard-core info and short-form reads are normally read online (often via devices like the phone and confessedly by yours truly), the bound book has to be something pretty special to get the eye of most people. Gorgeous paper, gatefolds, jackets that fold out to become posters, and extraordinary bindings with foil stamping are some of the tools in the arsenal deployed to make books beautiful artifacts.

Back in the day, though, foil stamping was more of a norm—even if the stamping involved an exquisite illustration and a big old piece of copper for the die that did the stamping.

The binding for Schuyler Matthews's Field Book of Wild Birds and Their Music—which also has amazing diagrams as shown in number 21—boasts fabulous gold stamping. I've also included an image of the title page, with the tissue protecting the color illustration.

I gave this exquisite book to a friend from dance, an avid bird-watcher who also takes piano lessons/reads music and who might enjoy the diagrams in this collectible, even as she intelligently uses apps out in the field.

(For July 31, 2019)

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