Thursday, July 11, 2019

1. Totally Stealing an Idea

Yesterday, I watched the Livestream of the SVA Masters in Branding Presentations—which were approached intelligently, researched deeply, presented professionally—and astoundingly impressive. Kudos, of course, to  Debbie Millman and her faculty, including malcontentedly philosophical Mark Kingsley.

The second half of the day's program included some students presenting their 100 Day projects. Many of the projects involved social awareness, causes, important ideas. I'm stealing the idea of doing something on a theme every day for 100 days—but, perhaps, with less intellectual rigor.

Psychopathically shy, my challenge to myself is to do something daily that is not a reaction to a client (as what Gretchen Rubin would call an Obliger, I put off doing things for myself) and/but to generate a piece (writing, design, image) that gets me out of my normal passive habits (or, to put it in jargon, my comfort zone).

Not only am I stealing Debbie's idea, but today is a cheat. I'm posting something on a blog few people know about and fewer read. But it's a start. My goal is to be able to say, "Stay tuned" and have a reason for folks to stay tuned.

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