Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Bird by Bird / warbling thanks to Millie C

Millie gave me Anne Lamott's Bird by Bird noting that she thought I'd like the book. I loved it. That  was almost twenty years ago, but I still have the book and still think of taking it bird by bird when the going gets rough.

Anne Lamott , age 65, recently married for the first time. The notice in the Style Section of The New York Times made me wistful. Possibly I'm sad for Millie and her seeming disappointment with . . . her job (a thankless one) . . . the field (not so glamorous) . . . something. Probably I'm touched that Anne Lamott wrote through alcoholism, strife and life and then found the love of her life through Our Time, an online dating site. Definitely I'm concerned about Millie's life. How has the rest of it been? Did she find a role or career worthy of her intelligence? Does she still play the piano? Is she still in New York.

Without Anne Lamott's talent with words, I'll simply say that I hope Millie has taken life bird by bird and has enjoyed life and laughter enough to fill an aviary.

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