Friday, October 30, 2015


Forgive the semi-self-referential post, but for Halloween and cat-lovers everywhere, here's a perfect combo: a how-to book called Tiny Hats on Cats by Buzzfeed Illustrator and Internet DIY sensation Adam Ellis, who has created an amusingly-exhaustive book of petits chapeaux for your kitty.

It's not the most complex support for a book guts project BTD has ever designed for Hachette, but it's one of the more amusing. If you don't want your kitty to be a witch, then there are many other options. It's not too late to buy the book at an old-fashioned brick and mortar store and create costumes for your furry friend. The recent spate of books spawned by canine and feline YouTube/Instagram/blog sensations shows that now, on the Internet, everyone knows you're a dog . . . or cat.

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