Friday, June 29, 2012

East to West

Some places are simply happy. 611 Broadway, aka The Cable Building, is one. Designed by McKim, Mead and that naughty party-boy White, it has the feeling of an elderly art school, with airy spaces, handsome materials, and great details. There's not a bad spot in the whole structure (although the offices on the inner courtyard are dark and can be dank, and the whole place is a bit bunged up here and there).

But this isn't a post about architecture. It's a post about the BTD location in Room 511—prior to a move from the sunny East side of the building to the magical-at-twilight West. Really, it's about how, since 1985, there's been much happy collaborating in the office. It's a tribute to everyone who's done great work at BTD (and that includes managing the joint as well as designing within it).

So, prior to the great adventure one floor down and yards over, this is a THANK YOU to everyone who brightened the room. You know who you are, but here's a list anyway.

I'm editing stuff both big and small and there's one difficult major edit: a large and handsome cabinet in the style of McKim, Mead, and White. Any interest? Although an expert in McKim, Mead, and White feels it's unlikely that the cabinet was designed by White himself, it's possible that the cabinet was part of the original fit-out of the building. There may be early photos of the interiors of the Cable Building at the New York Historical Society. An online starting point is:

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