Monday, January 3, 2011

"Hush"-ering in the New Year

NJ Transit is now reserving the first and last cars of trains into Penn Station during peak hours as "Quiet Cars." Sshhh! They even come with their own logo, playing on the tail of the Q and putting the mute in commute.

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Beth Tondreau said...

(Suppressed) giggle: I love your tagline.

There's something about that wee "QU" that' not hanging together wit the rest of the logo/lockup.

On a separate but sort of related subject, I find that earbuds/earphones are often useless on packed subway cars. High volumes create a tinny din that's like riding with millions of excited gnats. If the earbuds are meant to keep sounds private but don't, is that the Fall of the House of Husher?