Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Boulderado for ya

I loved the Boulderado's matchbook, which you brought to the office when you participated in a wedding years back and was amused to spot it on a quick zip through the city. Boulder's first luxury hotel, which opened on New Year's Day in 1909, has a great, evocative, logo.

The Boulder Theater opened as an opera house in 1906 (probably to entertain the good folks staying at the Boulderado)—but RObert Boller's 1936 Art design sports terra cotta, glass, and tile ornamentation to beat the band—i.e. the many bands that now play at the venue. In a People's Choice-like move, in the 1030s, the theater got the community involved:
Before the opening a contest was held through the local newspaper to name the theater. The winning name was "The Boulder", with the entrant receiving a one year pass to the theater.

I personally prefer the name of the Boulderado, but it was already taken for the hotel.

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Suzanne Dell'Orto said...

Yep, the Boulderado name is the best! It's a great name for a casino, too!