Thursday, September 2, 2010

Your message here

I love your decaying sign—and in general find blank signs fascinating, even in moments of utmost entropy. Sometimes, a decaying sign is just a decaying sign. In a city, may signal lack of advertisers/bad nabe. But to me, especially on a highway, blank signs seem like a:
—pause in a highway conversation
—feeling of endless possibilities
—visual respite
—way to project your own hopes
—defunct way to get a message across


Kris said...

Hi Beth,
It seems that an erst while dinosaur made off with your signs. You can catch a streak of him devouring one in the last image.

Beth Tondreau said...

Indeedy! That dinosaur may be proof that highway billboards may be a defunct way of getting across a message (although city billboards are thriving, it seems).

Speaking of highways, it'll be fun to see how you doing / what you're seeing in hard-driving L.A.!