Tuesday, August 31, 2010


You know, this guy who makes shirts and sells them at the Union Square Market was insistent that I include him in the photograph of his merchandise when I shot him for this blog in late 2009. He said he didn't like people ripping off his stuff.

Well, in a recent perusal of the Saatchi Collection online, I spotted this artwork by Scott King from 2008! Who's ripping off who? Hmmm.

(Scott King. Pink Cher, 2008. Screenprint and paint on canvas, 300 x 200cm. Obviously, picture courtesy of The Saatchi Gallery.)


Tommy Salami said...

well now you know why he didn't want to be photographed.
What happened to your Hampton House photo?

Beth Tondreau said...

While we're talkin' ripping off, of course Scott King is riffing on the iconic Che Guevera graphic by Alberto Korda that someone Shepard Fairey-ized (i.e. made another's photo into art—I'm trying to avoid using the word "appropriated").


Rob L. said...

There's one with Chewbacca, too:


Beth Tondreau said...

Do you think anyone's made a Cherbacca yet? Cher meets Che meets Chewie: the ultimate mashup!