Friday, July 9, 2010

Hot in Cleveland

Forget LeBron. Friend and filmmaker Stuart Math, who grew up in Cleveland, sent some info about the real headlines from the bereaved city. It's somewhat comical —as well as good—that a choice of a certain defaul font is big news (It may be less funny that I'm appropriating the story). Perhaps by cavalierly using a silly face to write to Clevelanders, Gilbert is letting himself off the hook. If Cleveland's team doesn't win an NBA championship, then Gilbert can point to his open letter and declare: "I was kidding. Look at the typeface I used in the letter!" Seriously, type imparts a subtle message—or in this case, a not-so-subtle signal that some folks with big bucks don't think about perceivedly smaller details. Not at all seriously, College Humor's skit about (mostly System) Fonts is a funny primer in type personalities. Have a look at the character (I mean the actor, not the letterform) of your much-maligned Papyrus.

Photo of Bozo shot at Pearl River Mart.

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