Thursday, July 8, 2010

Book Cover Swipe

This egregious swipe of a photograph for a book cover is making the rounds on the Internet today. It relates to the "fair pay, fair use" discussion we're having, although I think this goes a bit beyond.

On his blog Seth Koth writes, "In 2006, a publisher (Little, Brown and Company) asked him if they could purchase the rights to one of his photographs (and Photoshop a child in the snow)." He said no, but 3 years later...

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Beth Tondreau said...

What a slippery slope. Like a number of people on the post, I wonder why Alec Soth said "no"—and wish that there'd even been a photo credit noting "after a photo by Alec Soth."

On a separate note, the other night, a friend was raving about the wonderful qualities of the movie.