Friday, April 16, 2010


I'm always going on about how I love to make information clear, but the interactive Brain Tour on the Alzeimher's Association site really breaks complex material into understandable parts. Also, the tour section of the site proves the educational dictum that pictures with words are a lot easier to "get" than are words alone.

I've read about neurons and plaques (abnormal clusters of protein fragments that build up between nerve cells), but the material hasn't stuck in my brain (bad play on words sort of intended) until now. Thanks to a clear and sometimes beautiful interactive lesson, I'm beginning to understand. Although the typography is bland-to-ugly, it serves the site—and probably works on as many computer systems as possible (Noah, did I get that right?).

The neuron forest reminds me of the movie "Avatar," without the Papyrus subtitles, of course.

Screenshots shown here are screen shots from the Alzheimer's Site.

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