Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tote that...tote?

Strangely enough, today I received 2 emails for 2 different contests for designing tote bags. One is for Print Magazine (submissions due March 15, with all proceeds going to the designer's selected charity.

The other is for the beloved Strand (18 miles of books) Bookstore. This one is more of a contest, with a first, second, and third place winner. (What do you win? Books!). Submissions started March 1.

I'm sensing that this tote bag stuff is a trend, like your balloon spotting!


Beth Tondreau said...

We're clearly traveling in Toon Time. One of the Strand's sponsors is Toon Books (note to self: learn about Toon Books).

Beth Tondreau said...

Steven Heller noted the Strand Tote Bag Design Contest on his March 10, 2010 Daily Heller.
So, Suz, you scooped the SuperScribe.

Suzanne Dell'Orto said...

This is the second time, right? First time was with the Japanese face masks.

To be fair, he's so prolific we're all bound to cross over some of his topics!