Thursday, September 17, 2009


Svenja Knödler, a talented designer who came to New York from Germany early in 2009, wrote such a clear and gracious e-mail of introduction addressed to Beth and Suzanne, that even though BTD has no openings, I wanted to meet her.

I was awed to see the depth, quality and simplicity of Svenja's book, Wasserwesen, conceived, photographed, and designed as her thesis the Fachhochscule Düsseldorf. Knödler implies the presence and effects of water without literally showing water itself. Taking the plunge into the new world, Svenja also produces a self-initiated project called "Immigressions." I love one of her pieces that also implies water.

The immigressions also make a great impression as a group.

Svenja Knödler's work covers the heights and the ultimate in earthy; the former in the form of a postcard for The High Line and the latter art direction for Jacques, a saucy-naughty mag for men.

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