Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tail Tales

One of the main thrusts of the Visual Process class I taught at FIT this past semester was to discuss the importance of communicating without words. We concentrated on universal symbols, but covered other images that transmit info pronto. While sitting aboard our plane awaiting takeoff (not so pronto), I noticed that plane tails are darned good real estate for the airlines' logos (in addition, of course, to acting as crucial airplane parts). Although these tails hew more to brands than to symbols, here are a few tail/tales shot through a window murkily (a good test of how the shapes hold up). Do you think Delta and Alitalia are commercial partners because each airline uses the triangle?

NASA's info is about airplane parts is soooooo interesting, but they could use some cooler graphics.

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noah Dziobecki said...

I was about to question how the reverse-italics on the Iberia Airline tail would look on the opposite side....until I looked them up and found that their actual logo is forward-slanting! Maybe it used to slant forward on their tail at one point, but they travel so fast that the wind pushes it back.