Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lights and Other Interesting Materials

Nice NICE neon. The third shot reminds me of the lamp I brought to you from New Orleans—i.e. the one made from Mardi Gras beads that combined partying hearty with wacky functionality.

Speaking of New Orleans, Susan Neely, who's made gorgeous lamps from recycled materials PLUS designed and acted as contractor for a house in NOLA's Gentilly area, recently created constructions of another sort for a group show in NOLA at the BECA Gallery. Susan's work combines painting, construction, and found objects.

As a relative, I'm totally prejudiced in her favor, but I think Susan can do anything.

Photos courtesy of Susan Neely.

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Suzanne Dell'Orto said...

Her stuff is just absolutely gorgeous and she has such an unbelievably cool point of view!