Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cannot Complain Enough

Speaking of meerkats, or more precisely, lemmings (actually imprecisely, since lemmings don't actually do the thing that we all credit them with)—GRRRRR. A whole article in the NYTimes talking about how hipsters and the uninvited blogosphere is abuzz with secret pool parties in Gowanus where people are swimming in cleaned up DUMPSTERS?

[Yana Paskova for The New York Times]
Even if it was just me and Rob and Nina swimming around in a container in our yard with no filter, no chlorine, no oxygenation—how long would that water be clean!?
Hipster swimsuit salmonella? Rotavirus? Gangrene?
This secret club NY stuff (secret restaurants that are just someone's house, secret bars that just pretend, secret parties that are just simply private affairs)—secret plastic tubs full of water that are now secret swim clubs? I just can't take it anymore. Must we fetishize everything?
(Also, all this capital-D Dumpsters . . . are they a brand name?)


Marla said...

Hey, what I like about NYC is using the secret Dell'Orto Parking Garage. The secret boutique hotel that comes with it is really cool too.

Beth Tondreau said...

Secret is now public (of course, except for the secret Dell'Orto boutique hotel with valet (Suz? Rob?). Eek and Oy: the article is more breathless than its reference to breathless coverage. It's ridiculous to grant interviews to cool mags like Cabinet and then do eye rolls at not-so-secret popularity (and I don't think it's cuz I'm way uncool). One good thing: the article does make it clear the dumpsters (note lc "d") have filtration systems.

Tommy Salami said...

I'm cooking tonight and no one is invited. The ultimate in exclusivity.

I wonder what sort of filtration system it is? A fishtank aerator from the Salvation army store?