Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Moon's a Balloon

Paula Scher is just so damn likable in the Hillman Curtis series (and in Helvetica film, for that matter).
I'm not sure any of the big museums are beyond the Boomer shows, since many of the curators and big museum heads are themselves Boomers. So we've seen retrospective and big box shows of Elizabeth Murray, Brice Marden, Ed Ruscha, etc. Rightfully so–these artists certainly deserve it!

But at this rate, my poor little Generation X will be usurped by the Millennials, who will take over and every show will be a Twitter feed!

But there are artists who definitely get an idea, do something to it (Jeff Koons being a prime example—his meditations on breath from the 2 basketballs and then beyond to the puppies and balloons),

and then do something else, which was really my comment about the Holzer show. She had such a cool idea with the text and the LED—I'm hoping there's another big idea in there for her.

Meanwhile, speaking of Millennials, I also got a chance to see the one of the catalogs for the New Museum's Younger than Jesus show, which was designed by Sonia Dyakova for Phaidon.

It's a "directory" and designed (complete with Matthew Carter's Bell Centennial type) as a phone book on phone book paper!


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