Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ducking the Issue? Resetting the Art Conversation?

I know Scher's paintings make you nuts, but from what I've read and heard and seen in the Hillman Curtis films, Paula Scher seems more interested in resetting—or, more to the point, NOT setting—than advancing the conversation about painting.

Scher often talks about doing things with her hands. The paintings are a weekend respite from all those nasty (high paying, corporate) projects that enable her to hole up in her studio on the weekends and paint for pleasure (and the fun of selling the paintings for gobs of money). All cattiness aside, Scher brings craft into the conversation. There's an artisanal quality to these works. I think one of the first primitive type paintings Scher did was for the 14th AIGA Annual. I think we're up to 29 now, so it's taken fifteen years for her paintings to become an overnight success. To a trained painter like you, Scher's paintings may not really be paintings. Perhaps they're commercial as opposed to fine art.

It's interesting that the Boomer "Project Project" is a lot of words, while "The Pictures Generation" (of which Kruger was a member) got rave reviews from your nemesis.

Holzer, Kruger, Scher are indeed all boomers (I'm excluding Flavin because his name doesn't end in "er"). Whom would you suggest for an inspiring non-boomer show? I'm not being defensive; I'm wondering.

As for Pepsi/Coke | Holzer / Kruger | Braque / Picasso | Alfred Russel Wallace (good one!) / Charles Darwin | Watson n' Crick / Franklin | . . . Banks / Padel (speaking of Darwin): don't pioneers often coincide? I think we've got a new parlor game going as well!

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