Tuesday, September 10, 2019

62. Tip Top Shoes

I'm not a big shopper. I wear gifts, shop at church fairs, and keep things for decades but rarely purchase anything new. But I needed nice shoes for a fast-approaching wedding. Hand-me-down shoes won't and wouldn't work, for the optics and for practicalities of dancing. Knowing that Tip Top Shoes sells handsome and quality stock, I dashed in 10 minutes before closing time and saw some blue suede open-toed sling-backed vintage-looking beauties. Not wanting to be that shopper who keeps a salesperson working right up to closing time, I said I'd return. For her part, not wanting to lose a sale, Jackie -the -salesperson said she'd check for a pair in my size. There was a black pair a half size too small and the blue pair my supposed size. The shoes were gorgeous and so comfortable I worried that there were not tight enough for dancing. Hearing my concern, a salesman extended his arms to me and started to move. I followed him, doing the Lindy, although he was dancing Salsa. No matter. The shoes worked. Reader, I purchased them.

I'd never heard of AmourDesPieds, but they seem to be high quality (and should be for the sticker-shocking price). The gold-lined shoe box seemed appropriate for the cost of the shoes (I violated my religion and paid full price)—and I worried about sustainability, especially since my next stop was the book group and a discussion of The Overstory by Richard Powers. Knowing I'll someday, use the sturdy and gorgeous box as a courier for gifts, I feel a bit better about going deluxe.

(For September 10, 2019)

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