Saturday, August 31, 2019

52. Pitchers and Pots

I love The Cherry Door, the local thrift shop in Tarrytown. A recent semi-renovation of sorts seems to made it easier to havethrill of finding something cool, weird and affordable (it's even more affordable when I snap a photo and don't purchase anything). Everything is more clearly categorized and displayed a bit like still lifes. Today I got a kick out of hand-painted pitchers and pots. The little teapot on the left of the photo evokes for me a poor man's Clarice Cliff.

There's no signature at the base of the little teapot with the orange flowers—and the brushwork of the flowers and colors aren't as sophisticated and sure as the exquisite patterns on Clarice Cliff's "bizarre ware," for which Cliff was famous. But the thrift shop teapot has feeling of an English cottage and the cozy ceramics enjoyed by members of English households in the 1920s ad 1930s.

(For August 31, 2019; posted the same day)

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