Sunday, July 14, 2019

3. De-procrastination

Really, it's an obvious thing to do  and something that I should have done with all designer/contributors as soon as I received finished copies of the updated book I "wrote." *

Soon after receiving author copies from Quarto Books, I sent thank you emails to everyone, noting I'd send a complimentary copy. I sent the book to colleague/contributors who lived in Barcelona and Auckland and to talented colleagues who were not crazy famous. But with designers who overwhelmed me with their brilliance, I dawdled.** "My" book is not a deep think piece, or conceptual, or path-breaking or about people. It's a reference book about layout. It may have flaws, but it's fine. I told myself to snap out of it and send books to the rest of the contributors; it's the decent and polite and professional thing to do. Besides, everyone—no matter how famous and confident—responds to appreciation of their good work.

So, I finally wrote a quick note to Bobby C. Martin, Jr. (and Jennifer Kinon), the co-founder(s) of OCD | The Original Champions of Design, with thanks for permission to use the company's astounding and inspiring work and took it to the post office—which resulted in not only my mailing the book but also in the best post office experience ever. See number 4.

*Not yet included: image of and link to the book.

** Procrastination is an interesting situation. Note to self: reread The New Yorker article** about procrastination, which was published about 7–8 years ago. Not yet included: link to procrastination article in The New Yorker.

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