Friday, July 31, 2015


Czech designer Ladislav Sutnar designed startling, revolutionary and clean books in his native country while most of his contemporaries were still in Art Nouveau mode (full disclosure: I love both Sutnar and Mucha, an Art Nouveau star). Last night, at a reception to thank Kickstarter contributors to a Sutnar book, expert and auctioneer Nicholas Lowry of the Swann Auction Galleries noted that the Sutnar on was perhaps the most comprehensive look of Sutnars in one place. The wall of Sutnar shown here includes one Sutnar wannabe or clone: a the work of a student with, as Lowry said, "a very brown nose" who paid homage (or at least we hope it was an homage) to his teacher.

Prior to last night, (the Daily Heller) I knew Sutnar primarily for his work on Sweet's Catalogs , wherein Sutnar turned nuts and bolts information into masterpieces of graphic design. In addition to posters, Swann Auction Galleries offered printed material for ogling and fondling. The rich chalky feel of some of the work provided an inspiring modern touchy-feely moment.

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