Friday, May 15, 2015

Design Ambition

Recently, I experienced a client hoo-hah due to a minor flaw in a finished project. Caused in part by the lack of time to print, dry, bind and ship a project, the imperfection started an email blizzard. One root of the problem—in addition to lack of time due to (ahem!) client tardiness—was communication. The printer didn't communicate a potential issue. Therefore, we couldn't and didn't communicate same.

But another culprit, to me, was the unfortunate descriptions of the process and design.

"It was . . . a mistake of design ambition." 
Is there such a thing as a mistake of design ambition?

Recently, I participated in a portfolio review of work by seniors graduating from a local art and design school. One student asked if I had any advice in addition to specific comments I made while reviewing her portfolio. I said, "Persevere." (Lame, I know.) But what I really could have/should have said was: "Learn to speak non-design language." "Don't be afraid to make mistakes." "Stay ambitious."

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