Wednesday, December 4, 2013

What would Isa Genzken do?

How can multiples of address labels turn into a statement about guilt (or guilting) and support? For years, we've kept return address labels from Amnesty Inernational, Sloan Kettering, Alzheimer's, Ronald McDonald-house, and you-name-it, thinking that there's a concept, card, or art involved in out donation (or potential donation). Happy to donate to a good cause, I'm less sanguine about using an address sticker with nasty beach art (full disclosure: I draw really badly. Really. Badly.). Not surprisingly, the return address labels for Dwell magazine were the most arresting. Ideas? Let me know. (Another full disclosure: I've jettisoned these labels but can amass more in a trice.)

For a brilliant look at repurposing stuff, cf. Isa Genzken or the student work currently on display through Sunday, December 8 at Cooper Union.

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