Friday, November 2, 2012

Ode to a Sterno Cook Stove

My mother found this Sterno Cook Stove for at a garage sale earlier this year; I needed the Sterno itself, not the cook stove, but the cook stove came with the Sterno for the same price, so my mom bought the whole caboodle. I used the Sterno and saved the box and the cook stove—put them up on display (hey, I liked the graphics on the box).

OK, so Hurricane/Tropical Storm Sandy knocked out all our power (electric stove included) this week. And then I remembered this kitschy red box up on the shelf. Well, this little Cook Stove rocked up some coffee, some soup, and a bunch of other heatables until we were able to get our power back.

Nifty little folding trick, Sterno goes in the bottom.

Not so sure I'd use it to "heat baby's bottle", but hey, it was the '50s.

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