Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Inspiring for whatever you design

The current show at the AIGA/The Professional Association for Design focuses on books and covers, but the judges's articulation of "some of the attributes that, intuitively, guided their selection" work for any segment of the design or any work, for that matter.

The attributes are:
--Design that moves beyond the client's expectations
—Design that doesn't follow convention
—Design whose impact aligns with the project's intent
—Design that changes the practice
—Design that is value driven
—Design the matches the technology to need
—Design that entices you to want to learn more
—Design that translates well across platforms
—Design that raises awareness about a social issue
—Design that makes you shriek with delight

Judges Arthur Cherry, Barbara Glauber, Kimbery Glyder, Chip Kidd, and Joseph Sullivan inspired me in a world of "just get it done fast"-ness.

To come: thoughts on the work in the show.

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