Monday, May 23, 2011

Snape Script

I was taken by the hand-painted script on this now-closed Tarrytown florist, and even more taken by the name "Alma Snape." The owner of the flower shop was Dolores "Dolly" Siebrecht who, along with her husband Irving Siebrecht, owned and operated the shop (now a gallery with a much less striking name). Dolly passed away at the age of 78 in 2010. Why the name Alma Snape? If she was a real person, who was Alma Snape? Who painted the awning? I have homework to do. In the meantime, I salute the moniker that seems like a name from (but preceded) the Harry Potter series as well as the artist who hand-lettered "Alma Snape" in a script that look a bit like Friendly's.


Suzanne Dell'Orto said...

That's some nice signage and some beautiful lettering (and a great great name!). As an S person, I prefer that the spine of the S go all the way around the top and bottom instead of going all "P-looking" there a better term for that?! I think most people are pretty picky about their initial letters, yes? You must have some strong thoughts about B's!

More: Looking for lovely script faces yesterday with some of my students, we found Voluta Script, which hadn't entered my consciousness before:

Beth Tondreau said...

Well, S, I see "P"-like qualities to the "S. (Alma Pnape anyone?). The lower part of the "S" could be more dramatic, but I remain impressed by the steady hand. Voluta's "S" is Alma Snape-like, but more essy because it descends lower. I believe I'm having a Lewis Carroll moment.

GarKeith said...

Alma Snape was a real person. My Wife is her great, great grandaughter. The Snape family sold the business, I think in the 1950's. It was so successful they would not change it.