Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Speaking of words that are readable despite being severed, here's a word that was truncated on purpose: "decoded." This Broadway-hit-of-a-sign promotes Jay-Z's book, which was apparently hush-hush till today's launch date. I'm amused that I heard (OK, read) the buzz from a New York Public Library e-mail blast. Jay-Z is now codified. It makes sense to me. Just as Wynton Marsalis justifiably promotes jazz as our national music, Jay-Z describes rap (to an admittedly less hip audience) as a "conversation between worlds." The promotion, with bing (hardly der Bingle), is interesting even if the wall ads showing Jay-Z's text on a device aren't as compelling (or even readable fer chrissakes) as the billboard near Times Square. Have you seen the game? Played it? Seen the cover with the Andy Warhol "Rorschach"?

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Suzanne Dell'Orto said...

And his press tour is c-razy...I've heard him on everything from Howard Stern to NPR's Fresh Air to Charlie Rose this week!

I"m trying to remember a story I heard about Jay-Z...either about some cool art he collects, or some cool graphic designer he hired...oh, well!