Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Decidedly Retro

I mentioned to Douglas, a scary-good designer, that Pat and I were going to my Dad's hometown of Brunswick, Maine to visit my mother. Douglas replied that his brother and a niece (?) had checked out Bowdoin, the eminent college (and alma mater of famous Maine achievers like Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, Joshua Robert Peary, and Donald MacMillan).

Douglas also noted that his family thought the school was fine, but ! ugh! the town. As much as I love the the place from many happy childhood memories, I must say he sort of has a point. One new / old thing we discovered while in Brunswick was candlepin bowling. Say what? Once a hangout for those good-time guys, the Knights of Columbus, it's now a scene for kiddie parties. Note those great French Canadian lane names.

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