Sunday, June 20, 2010

Queens supreme

Hand lettering is alive and well in Corona. Some of these one-off posters put to shame designers like me, who rely on digital fonts instead of letters made by digits. The outline plays a big role in this Queens nabe.

Below is my fave, even with the mistake blacked out:

There were a number of signs proclaiming rooms for rent for fiestas:

On this ad, the cocktail glass with fruit is kinda sweet:

The Father's Day poster has the same cocktail glass. Is it the same artist or is there a Corona cocktail meme (and is my toying with my new "meme" word just too ridiculous or what?):

Hmm; a painted gradient; whether done digitally or with real paint, a gradient is hard to pull off (Although not a big fan of this one, I'm amused by the decision to highlight info):

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