Wednesday, June 23, 2010


It’s hard to develop a sign or symbol that’s universally clear, works without words, and quickly conveys a point. I haven’t mastered the form, and have no room to talk or laugh when important signs warning of danger seem all too comical. Snippy snobbiness aside, it’s better to have a sign that’s funny or too illustrative than to have nothing at all. With both cattiness and humility, I offer a few signs from recent jaunts.

Niagara Falls from the U.S.: Clear but a bit silly.

Niagara Falls at night from the Canadian side: Illustrative. This sign is local; i.e. it incorporates the very decorative fence keeping tourists from tumbling. Photo by Kay Casstevens.

Corona, Queens: Illustrative. Clear message.

Tortilleria Nixtamal, Corona, Queens, NY: Very cartoony sign (GREAT place. Big THANKS to Liney Li and Rick Ball for leading us to Nixtamal and mentioning a YouTube video).

Nixtamal again.
This isn’t a warning sign; it’s simply a beautiful logo/part of the tortilla machine.

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