Monday, March 29, 2010

Marking Time

A quick zip through MoMA to see William Kentridge yielded a side show (almost literally) of Marina Abramovic staring down a few intrepid museum-goers. White shirt red sneakers lasted a while. Green shoes didn't last very long at all. And white shirt with black and white scarf seemed to have staying power. The guards told my friend Kay and me that the longest Mano à Marina has lasted for seven hours (as of Sunday aft, March 28); he wouldn't divulge how the artist deals with the call of nature. Kay, whose eagle-eye serves her well in many capacities, noted that the tag to Ms. Abramovic's shirt was showing, but we dared not dash up to helpfully tuck it in. Just as I finished saying, "I don't see any 'No Photos' signs," a different guard busted me. Here are my shh-don't-tell shotss of a well-recorded performance piece.


Suzanne Dell'Orto said...

Love the green shoes. Sorry she didn't make it very long.

Did you go through the nudie doorway? I've heard that if there is a choice between facing a man or a woman, that most people (men and women) choose to face the woman going through.

Note to self: face the man! Change the ratio!

Beth Tondreau said...

I didn't see the nudie doorway and am confused about where it is. I'll have to ask a guard the next time I'm at MoMA. I can't find it online (maybe you can find it; you're a far, far better online researcher than I).In her Acknowledgments in the catalogue, Abramovic thanks the talented artists she trained (I think for the nudie door).