Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ultra Alexis

Around 30th and 6th Avenue there are a lot of construction sites, which can only mean a lot of posted bills. Here's the Spring ad campaign for the fabulous jewelry designer Alexis Bittar (I'm ashamed to admit how many pieces of his I have, although they have gotten more popular and way more pricey than when I got them)...

...featuring Joan Collins (previously Alexis Carrington), who, at 77!, is looking marvelously preserved and/or photoshopped...or both!

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Beth Tondreau said...

She's gorgeous, even if heavily Photoshopped (don't you just love the way Photoshop is a verb now?). I actually love the way the posters are wrinkled; they're sort of an antidote to any natural (quote natural unquote) wrinkles allowed by Joan Collins.