Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dockers ads

I had an old rock-n-roll boyfriend who used to say that "Dockers don't rock, and rockers don't Dock." But Dockers seem to be straining to achieve the cool factor with their new ads.


Tommy Salami said...

They can try all they want. They're work pants for office drones and retired men. I told Sarah that if she sees me wear khaki's casually, to kill me. they should reach out to their core demographic and have Dilbert hawk them.

Beth Tondreau said...

There's been a raft of type in a shape (I sit guilty for using examples in Layout Essentials) and it seems that Dockers have come to the party a bit late (I guess they were at the office, or napping?). Have a look at the work Collins: did with fir The Alliance for Climate Protection in collaboration with the Martin Agency and you'll see a world of type.Literally.

Beth Tondreau said...
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